Our head physician is Dr. Alicia Wilkerson. She is a Renaissance woman--a physician and an accomplished musician.

"Dr. Alicia", as her friends and associates call her is from a legacy of physicians for over 130 years. She graduated from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee with a Bachelor of Music degree in organ performance. She later completed her Master of Science degree at the University of Oklahoma with a National Science Foundation grant, and her Doctorate of Medicine degree at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Wilkerson taught music and science in the public schools of Tennessee and Oklahoma before completing her doctorate of medicine degree.

Dr. Wilkerson began the study of music at age six--by 13, she was playing the organ for the First Baptist Church, Selmer, Tennessee and continued through high school.

Dr. Wilkerson began her medical career as board certified family physician. She married Thad Smotherman and the couple went into the health care business together. Today, they have two locations of the Neighborhood Doctor; 5201 South Cooper Street in Arlington, Texas.

Over the course of their lives together, the Smotherman's have been generous philanthropists. Charities who have benefited from their generous gifts of time, money, and the use of their home include: The Women's Shelter, The American Heart Association, The North Texas Cancer Research Foundation, The Tarrant County Alzheimer's Association, Arlington Symphony, Metropolitan Ballet, Make a Wish Foundation, Oakridge School, and The Arlington Chi Omega Alumni.

And, thanks to the Smotherman's, Texas Wesleyan University has a new venue for its theater productions--The Thad Smotherman Theater. The Smothermans are actively involved in alumni work for Union University and host the meeting of the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of Union's National Alumni Association annually. The students from North Texas who attend The University of Southern California and their parents, are hosted at the Smothermans for their USCend off to college every August.

The American Heart Association has presented to the Smothermans the President's Award. The University of Southern California distinguished the Smothermans with the Widney Alumni Award. Dr. Wilkerson has been honor by her alma mater, Union University with the distinguished alumni award. She has also received the "Great Women of Texas" award.

Dr. Wilkerson presently serves on the Board of Counselors of the College of Letters, Arts, and Science at the University of Southern California. She is also on the Board of Reagents at Union University.

"Dr. Alicia" relaxes by gardening and cooking. The Smothermans have had over 7,000 guests in their home since December 1998. They rarely use caterers; Alicia provides the fare. As to her passion for gardening, Alicia says, "I love to pull weeds and plant flowers. It's instant gratification and it helps me unwind when I get home from work."


Dr Michael Henderson, PA

Dr Larry D Sprowls, MD